Personal Experience Essay Writing

Personal Experience Essay Writing – The purpose of personal experience essay is to share the writer’s experience with the reader in terms of academic writing. Personal experience essay throws light on some facts from the writer’s past or present experience. One may also dwell on the events he or she is anticipating in future.

One of the most peculiar features in personal experience essays writing is the author’s logic and cohesive narration on the problem chosen.

To meet this requirement the writer of personal experience essay has to think over the event he/she is going to describe, find examples and arguments supporting it and arrange the ideas according to a certain structure. The structure is as follows:

  • The introductory part where you introduce your problem and make the reader look forward to its development; the item you are going to present in your personal experience essay is to be clearly and precisely organized in the thesis statement which you will defend all personal experience essay long;
  • The main body where you will illustrate the problem with bright and vivid examples. It will contain several paragraphs each starting with a topic sentence, every of them will support the thesis statement;
  • The closing part where you will admit the importance of the events described and show their impact on your life.

Note that the parts of the personal experience essay may go in various combinations depending on the purpose you yourself set for your writing.

Mind also that the personal experience essay does not necessarily portray your personal experience; you may also speak on someone else’s experience which had some influence on you. Personal Experience Essay Writing

If you do not know what topic to describe in your personal experience essay do your best to remember some striking events from your past, or just some feelings and emotions you had when this or that event happened. Your personal experience essay will help you to experience the same feelings if they are worth reminding, or, on the contrary, will help you to elaborate some ways of preventing the things which arouse some negative emotions of yours. Personal Experience Essay Writing

Let success attend you in your personal experience essays writing!

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