Why I Should Have Gotten an Online Psychology Schools

Why I Should Have Gotten an Online Psychology Schools – Thinking about an online psychology schools? I have to say, I chose to go a different rout and obtain a doctorate degree in Education Psychology. I have found that working as an Education Psychologist I spend a lot of time alone in my office, working on data spreadsheets and graphs. While much of my tasks revolve around data analysis aimed at improving student achievement and class instruction sometimes I wish the job called for  bit more interaction with others.

Education and Courses

Most States require a specialist degree for someone to work as a school psychologist. Online psychology schools degree programs usually require approximately 3 years of full time graduate study and a full year of internship. Because school psychologist work with delegate issues related to student mental health, shadowing and observing the work of an experienced school psychologist is very valuable.

Where would I work with a school psychology degree?

As a school psychologist you could work in various educational settings, from schools and education institutions to clinics, mental health and child unit hospitals.

Benefits of obtaining your Online Psychology Schools

An online school psychology degree program will allow for great flexibility in your schedule. You can work on your degree at your own pace and timetable.

How An Online Psychology Schools Might Be The Best Choice For You

One advantage of earning an online psychology degree is that it is flexible enough for the working or the busy people to earn their degree online without having to stop their current job or work.

Second, you will have to check into the expense of earning a psychology degree online. You have many majors in online psychology that you can choose from. Specialization can be in fields such as counseling psychology, clinical psychology, general psychology, organizational psychology, health psychology and school psychology. Why I Should Have Gotten an Online Psychology Schools

Here are a few Online Psychology Schools degree programs that you can consider:

  • The University of Phoenix offers an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology. Courses focus on positive psychology, human sexuality, diversity, social interactions, theories of personality, the neurological and physiological basis of human nature and psychological disorders.
  • Ellis College offers a BS in online psychology. Students become familiar with the practices and the tools of psychology as they pertain to education, business and professional practice.
  • Kaplan University Online – This online college offers more than 350 online Associate of Applied Science degree, Bachelor’s degrees, certificate programs and diplomas. This bachelor’s degree will prepare you for studying psychology at the graduate level which will offer a wide variety of specialized career choices.

The list is almost endless as to the professions you can go into with a psychology degree and graduate study afterwards. Even with an online psychology degree it will take a lot of hard work, but when all is said and done, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be doing something very rewarding with your life. Why I Should Have Gotten an Online Psychology Schools

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