Formal Essay

To begin with, let’s define what an essay is.

An essay is a comparatively short piece of prose dedicated to a limited topic. There exist two main types of an essay: formal and informal essays. This guide will focus on the formal essay, the one that is generally characterized by a serious purpose, logical organization, and formality of the vocabulary.

A successful formal essay corresponds to the following criteria:

  • it is well structurally organized;
  • it has a strong thesis statement;
  • the supporting points of the thesis are logically arranged
  • body paragraphs are interconnected and discuss the supporting points in the order they are presented in the thesis statement;
  • its conclusion summarizes the major points discussed in the body of the paper;
  • it’s done inappropriate wording and tone

Formal Essay: Thesis Statement

This is a depictive, relatively short statement rendering the main idea of your essay paper which you will defend in the course of your work. The thesis statement should consist of points establishing the subject and purpose of your paper, they should also support the main idea of the text.

Formal Essay: Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs should contain a detailed discussion of the supporting statements mentioned in the thesis statement. Note that this discussion should go exactly in the same order the supporting statements were presented in the thesis statement.

Formal Essay: Conclusion

This is a short summary of the main ideas of the paper producing the most persuasive effect on the reader.

We want to pay your special attention to the parts of an essay cited above. Your grade will much depend on your keeping to this structure. Moreover, don’t forget about the importance of logical connections between ideas within the text.

You are writing a formal essay paper, hence note the importance of the formal diction and tone.

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