Essay Thesis Writing

Essay Thesis Writing – Any well-written essay is built on a thesis. What is a thesis? A thesis is a basic argument of the work set and proved by the writer. A thesis is the part of an essay which gives the reader a clear assumption of the whole paper. It is usually stated in the first paragraph and helps the reader to understand the main idea of the paper. Then the thesis is followed by explanations and justifications within the body of the paper.

Essay thesis writing has the following functions:

  • it helps to organize and classifying your ideas;
  • it helps to develop your arguments;
  • it provides the reader with a “map” of your essay.

Essay thesis is a firm statement in a sentence. A thesis cannot be phrased as a question. An essay thesis plays the same role in an essay as a topic sentence plays in a paragraph.

A good essay thesis should consist of two parts:

  1. the topic statement;
  2. the point of the paper statement.

A strong essay thesis should:

  • take some sort of basis – it should present the author’s opinion about the subject;
  • justify discussion – it should indicate the point of discussion;
  • express the main idea – it should prove that your paper has one main point;
  • be specific – tell the reader what your paper will be about.

Actually, essays thesis writing presents a thorough consideration of the topic, various opinions about it, the author’s personal evaluation of the topic and suggestions about possible disagreement with the thesis. One may find it difficult to present all this information within one or two sentences. But essay thesis still has to be done in a clear and concise format.

A good essay thesis is a springboard for writing a good essay; if the reader’s attention is grasped while reading the first paragraph, your reader will prolong reading. The new task which arises is to make the whole essay correspond to the standards of essay theses.

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