Essay Argument

To write an essay argument means to establish a claim and prove it throughout the entire essay by presenting logical reasoning, examples, and research.

Essay argument needs to be thoroughly organized. A clear organization contributes to the writer’s sounding convincing and guides the reader through the reasoning process. Moreover, a clear essay argument’s organization proves that the author has a distinct conception of the issue and is capable of presenting a well-crafted response to the problem.

When organizing your essay argument, note:

  • The title;
  • The introduction (be careful with your thesis statement);
  • The body paragraphs: each of them should include a topic sentence and at least three points supporting it. The contradicting viewpoints should also be analyzed in one of the body paragraphs;
  • Conclusion.

Let’s consider each of the essay argument’s components in detail:

Essay Argument: Title

The title introduces the topic and evokes the reader’s general interest to the problem under consideration. We suggest your applying to one of the following techniques to create a title winning the audience:

  • Offer a provocative image – a successfully chosen image will invite the reader to find out more about the topic;
  • Pick out the most significant words from the body or from the conclusion of your paper and include them in your title;
  • Ask a question, but do not forget that it should be answered within the course of the essay argument.

Note that essay title is the first thing your reader pays his/her attention to, therefore, do your best to use it. Beware of too general and faceless titles.

Essay Argument: Introduction

Introduction has the same function as title does, but it goes a bit further as it indicates the purpose of the paper and offers a sort of plan for the coming argument.

Essay Argument: Thesis Statement

As a rule, introduction ends up with a thesis statement. This is the most important sentence in your custom essays which discloses its main idea. Thesis statement helps the writer to specify the field of research and make him/her remember about the claim that is to be proven throughout the paper.

Note that thesis statement may also be located in some other part of the essay, for example, within the body of the paper or in the conclusion, depending on the purpose of the online essay or essay argument.

Essay Argument: Body Paragraphs

Choose one of the following ways to organize your body paragraphs:

  • Go from the weakest claim to the strongest one;
  • Present information from general to specific;
  • Analyze points from most important to least important.

No matter what type of custom essay you deal with always offers an analysis of counterargument. It will demonstrate the deepness of your research.

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