English Essay

English essay is one of the most commonly spread essay types. It embraces various sub-classes, like psychology essays, marketing essays, humanities essays, history essays, etc. Though the range of topics which English essays may study is enormous, still there are some general rules of how to write an essay of this type. We will dwell on them in our article.

English essay is done according to the following structure: the introductory paragraph, the main body, and the closing paragraph. Requirements for these essay components are the same as for other custom essay types. They are as follows.

An introductory paragraph should engage the audience into the reading process. Such techniques may be used to attract the reader’s attention, as addressing him/her directly, starting with an adequate anecdote or some question, or appealing to some unusual fact or idea. The introduction usually ends with a thesis statement, but the latter may also be located in some other part of the custom essay depending on its purpose. The main body consists of at least three paragraphs each starting with a topic sentence. The topic statement should support the thesis statement. The arguments of the topic statement should be clear even to unprofessional readers; they should demonstrate the results of the writer’s research. The closing paragraph of the English essay generalizes the main findings and calls the reader to prolong the investigation started by the author. Note that the techniques to capture the reader’s attention mentioned above are also applicable for the closing paragraph.

Below we propose you some pieces of advice as for English essays writing:

  • Mind text unity, adequate argumentation, formal presentation;
  • Make sure that your statement is clear, your argument is unified; your ideas are appropriately linked together;
  • Support your argument with references to the text and secondary sources if writing on English literature;
  • Make sure you have come to a clear conclusion about the problem.

If you have any problems with English essay writing, address our writers, they are sure to resolve all of them.

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