Analytical Essay

An analytical essay can be devoted to any object: a phenomenon or an event, a work of art or literature, etc. Your task is to provide deep and many-sided analysis of the object chosen so that a reader can find new and interesting information and learn about your point of view. This article provides the basic rules of writing an analytical essay.


Study all the viewpoints of the question you plan to discuss in the analytical essay. The examples of the points to study are offered below:

  • essence and origin of the object;
  • history;
  • types;
  • functions;
  • distinctive features and similarities;
  • environment;
  • message etc.


An analytical essay requires formal language. Though you are expected to be creative and express your ideas, avoid plunging into colloquial style; do not use the first and the second person unless it is allowed by the professor. Instead, use the linking words to make your analytical essays harmonious: therefore, consequently, despite, etc.

Analytical Essays Structure

An analytical essay should be structured properly and have the following sections:


Use the original and catching introduction so that a reader will be hooked to read the whole paper. Outline the subject of your analytical essay: let a reader know from the very beginning what you are going to tell about.

Thesis statement

Formulate the statement you will support within the analytical essay. At this stage, do not provide the argumentation: you will do it in the body of the paper.


Form the paragraphs appropriately:

  1. make your paragraphs linked in terms of both content and phrasing;
  2. devote each paragraph to a separate fact, statement, or argument;
  3. outline a topic sentence in each paragraph and then support it with the facts and arguments;
  4. finish each paragraph with a concluding sentence which summarizes the idea.


In the conclusion, summarize everything you have said in your analytical essay. Do not introduce the new statements, just repeat those mentioned above. A reader will be grateful for clarity and validity of your ideas.

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